Mine, mine, mine!

 Mission #1: What makes my classroom unique?

So the trouble with answering that question is that I co-teach all of my math sections this year with THREE different people so it’s hard to pinpoint one thing that makes my classroom distinctly mine, especially since we have normed many of the practices within our math team. A later post on that. 😀

Here are two things that I do that I feel that are slightly unique to me.

#1: No judgement zone
I haven’t perfected this yet, but I’m trying to give a no-judgement zone vibe in my classroom. I’m turning the tables and letting my students decide, agree, or disagree with the perspectives, solutions, and strategies that others present.

During classroom share outs, I usually put up any and all responses my students give and then throw it back to the students. “Do we agree? disagree? Does anyone want to comment or elaborate?”

It’s still something I am struggling with because:

  • it’s so hard not to judge or make some sort of facial expression.
  • I struggle with the bringing it all back to full circle and make sure that misconceptions have been addressed by the end of the lesson.

#2: The Bowl of Destiny
This feature of my classroom is what I use to cold call on students. They hate it. I love it!


Bowl of Destiny -- each foam stick has a name of a student for cold calling.
Bowl of Destiny — each foam stick has a name of a student for cold calling.

Till next time.


4 thoughts on “Mine, mine, mine!

  1. I love your goal of creating a safe environment for students to share their ideas and problem-solving strategies, as well as just encouraging students to take risks. I wonder if the time-management challenge you identify might be solved by placing some boundaries on the sharing and commenting (while still not judging) – perhaps you could ask a subset of students (on a rotating basis) to share, as well as to agree, disagree, or comment.


  2. I really like the no judgment zone idea – I think your students will feel they can openly ask questions and explore ideas without being afraid of what others will say 🙂 I could not see the Bowl of Destiny image and am dying to know what it looks like!

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