Stepping into the Twitter World

A few years back I was very much into the twitter world with a personal account, but then I didn’t have much use for it. Now, I’m back exploring it as Mission #2 of the Exploring MTBoS.  

It’s definitely still overwhelming and fast paced–something that made me leave that world before, but I’m learning to organize and lurk/read/share without losing my sanity .

  • By far the one thing that I am looking forward to are the weekly MSmathchats that happen every Monday at 9 PM. (It was pretty sweet that #msmathchat trended that night as well!) Transcript can be found here. My circle of teacher friends consists of high school teachers and their experiences are vastly different than my day-to-day. Not that I don’t learn or benefit, but it is different. So I’m really looking forward to finding a community that is full of middle school teachers.

Twitter has also opened the windows to many blog posts and bloggers that have quickly been starred, bookmarked, or followed:

I think I'm discovering teacher treasure.
I think I’m discovering teacher treasure.

The hashtags are pretty darn awesome.  #MTBoS is exploding and I’ve found many goodies there. Also treasures have been found in #msmath and #msmathchat, especially around fractions.  

And most importantly there are really awesome tweeples (tweeps? tweeties?) out there! 

So I’m looking forward to my stay in the virtual MTBoS!


2 thoughts on “Stepping into the Twitter World

  1. Carrie Annable

    Glad to have you as a part of #msmathchat. We are by far the best group because not only do we learn and share from one another, we have fun and joke around. I mean, who else can talk about bathroom breaks for 30+ min. I look forward to learning from you as part of the #msmathchat. The chats are not normally as fast paced as this past week’s was.

  2. Going to have to see if I can get involved in the #msmathchat. I teach in a location with no staff development ever, leaving us pretty much sucking dry any new teacher to our school for ideas, materials etc. Hoping to create an informal PD setiup for myself an any other teachers I can pull into it.

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