“I Feel So Accomplished!” – Problem Solving, Noah’s Ark

This would be great to do with my 6th graders

I Speak Math

“I feel so accomplished!” is what I overheard a student say after doing the Noah’s Ark problem solving activity in my class today.  I also heard, “You will REALLY like math class today!  It was so hard, but so much fun!”


I gave them the Noah’s Ark problem (thanks Fawn)!  I followed Fawn’s suggestions for problem solving because she is the expert.

  1. Give them all their own copy of the problem.  (And a sheet of animals to cut out if they wanted it).  Noah’s Arc PS
  2. Let them read it silently
  3. Let one of them read it aloud while other students read along silently.
  4. Let them work silently for a few minutes.
  5. Let them work together.
  6. Discuss solutions.

While working silently, many students came up with a solution.  However, once they started working with others, they realized that their solutions may not be correct.  I loved how they…

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Post state exam

So I learned today that I hate proctoring more than grading…most boring two hours of my life. So lesson learned: never plan a station activity after students have been sitting around for 1.5 + hours. They will go crazy due to the allowing of movement.  Lessons after should be super LOW priority – totally NOT practicing graphing using table of values.