Two month reflection, year two

I’ve been reflecting on year two with my math coach.  First,  I’m so glad I’m  no longer a first year teacher.   I had an amazing first year…. Or so I’m told.   Year two comes with its own challenges,  but I’m glad that I stuck with teaching the same grade again.   It’s helped me become a lot more reflective as I think back to what worked and what did not work last year.  

Currently my biggest challenge has been having a clear vision for my numeracy class.  So in addition to having regular math classes,  all of our students get an additional 3 periods of math fluency class.   Its been a struggle since our school is using accelerated math and it hasn’t been living up to our expectations.   I’m trying out doing stations,  but just having issues with technology, initial account set up,  room logistics in the computer lab has set me back with setting up clear norms,  routines,  and expectations for the class.   My goal for the next week is to have a clearer vision and flow for those classes.  


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