Day 1 of #mtbos30: MTBoS getting in my head.

Day 1 of 15
Getting on the #mtbos30 train a bit late, but I took having a mtbos dream last night as a sign to get this started. Successive posts may (or may not…) have substance. Ha! My goal is to post at least 15 times this month.

A few days back I asked the twitter-verse to describe MTBoS in 100 characters or less. I was asked to describe myself, career, hobbies, and interest for a short bio and not mentioning MTBoS just seemed wrong because the support from this community has defined and developed who I am as an educator from my first year as a teacher. Three years in there’s always something that I now do that has been inspired by someone (or collective someones) from MTBoS.

These were some of the responses:

I guess because of this along with seeing so many #mtbos30 posts, I had a dream in which I was sitting with a bunch of my colleagues trying to convince them that Twitter was the best thing to happen to the Ed world. The conversation moved on to MTBoS and I described it as this huge party that has all these amazing people that are having meaningful conversations about all sorts of things. One can stand within a group and just listen in to the conversation or butt in whenever they want – and nobody cares if you decide to do that. In addition, anyone can decide to start a new conversation. Regardless of whether you say anything or not, most often than not you leave the party with some party favors. While this is not exactly how I would describe MTBoS in reality, for some reason it made sense in my dream and my coworkers were extremely excited by the idea of this larger Global Math Department. On a mission to make this dream a reality sooner or later!

Until then, I’m truly humbled and thankful for having a great support network beyond my school.

thanks omg thanks


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