Why and how I Bitmoji in my classroom?

Why I Bitmoji?

If I’m being completely honest, I bitmoji because I am obsessed and I find joy in sending
and receiving bitmoji. And all the cool kids are doing it! 5b7f7c53-dffd-4480-b956-6c42daa26d53

So…I wanted to find a way to connect to my students using something that became important in my communication with my family and friends through messaging and TWITTER!

Bitmoji Stickers

One way I’ve connected with my students is by creating Bitmoji stickers one day when I called out sick…because what else could I do while drugged with sinus and pain medication right?


My students affectionately call these “Ms. Khatri stickers”
  • Students love the stickers and will work to earn one. They know they can’t ask for it, so they try to get my attention through their action. #winning!
  • It’s personal: it’s my face so the message or emotion of the sticker is coming from me, without me saying anything.
  • There’s so much variety of emotions, messages and I can print however many I want.
  • Even students that I don’t teach have asked about them. Also, my coworkers request them as a lift me up during the day. It’s pretty awesome!
  • They’ve really helped me build relationship with my students. I love to use them with my students since they emote (is that a word?….¡no me importa!) in ways that can’t be found on regular store bought stickers. Sure, I still use a lot of “thumbs up, good job” kind of stickers, but I have a lot more to say to my students. The following are examples:


Isn’t it?

I was a little nervous about using this one, but now I ask some of my students “how’s the struggle?” if I notice that they are having a bad day. And if they really are having a bad day they ask for this. It becomes a way for me to check in with them. And if they feel like sharing what’s up, they do. If not, at least I’ve checked in with them. With students that I am already close with I put this on their hand or paper as a way to tell them…”I’m noticing your general foolishness…cut it out and let’s move on.” Most of my students acknowledge it, laugh, and most often than not are like “okay, okay.”


If I want to check in with a student about something (academic or otherwise, I might out this on their hand or paper)


I’ve given this to students when they look like they are about to give up; I also have given this to them when I want to encourage them to continue their current work or line of thinking,


Because I teach math, and we always ask these questions.
My students LOVE this one.

I think I’m going to reserve these for academic awesomeness: they’ve asked a good question, worked well collaboratively, noticed something important, exemplified any of the other mathematical practices!

Bitmoji in notes

Thanks to my obsession, the 6th grade math team now puts Bitmoji into our guided notes. I love using the following to bring attention to directions or key concepts/models:

Sometimes theatrics are needed to get students to pay attention.

Excerpt from our quiz last marking period.

HOW I BITMOJI: The logistics

I have had many friends and coworkers ask how I got my bitmoji stickers. I basically print them like you would mailing labels. Most people know Bitmoji as an app. On mobile devices and the cute little stickers to add to your snaps, but there’s more! Here is how I do it! If you’re new to Bitmoji, check this page out for some helpful tips or this.

1) If you don’t have one, download the app on your mobile device and personalize your avatar! Make sure you enable the Bitmoji Keyboard.

Personalize your avatar to your liking.

2) In order to create the stickers you’ll need square or circle 1-2 inch labels. I started with Avery 2 inch circular labels,  but have switched over to Garagesalepup labels since I can get more bang for my buck. Whichever you use, you’ll need the form template. If you use Avery or other well known labels, you can just use the label maker wizard in word. If you use garagesalepups, their website has templates. Before you print mass stickers do a test run, because you may need to adjust alignment and centering in the template. I didn’t really have to but some of the reviews mentioned that.

3)  This is the key ingredient for indoctrination through bitmoji and a way you can assure you leave your faceprint everywhere…yes young lad you heard right! EVERYWHERE!


Download the bitmoji chrome extension. This lets you add bitmoji to email and creates a toolbar with a SEARCH feature on the chrome browser which is vital for efficiently copying and pasting into the template from Step #2 or into any documents you create. If that link didn’t work, going to the bitmoji website will link you to the right place.

“What if I don’t have chrome?”

My response 
There is a work around which is a tad more annoying (for me, but you do you). You can use the app on your mobile device to copy the desired Bitmojis into one email. Then copy and paste them on the word template.

Hope this helps! Let the Bitmoji-ing everywhere begin!

I have plans to include Bitmoji in other aspects of my classroom!

7 thoughts on “Why and how I Bitmoji in my classroom?

  1. carloliwitter

    This is a great post, that shows the best use of avery labels that I’ve ever seen, and also a tangible approach to relationship building. Your decisions to use the stickers showcase approaches that any teacher can apply to build a positive culture in their classroom.

  2. I love this! Thanks for sharing! I’ve never quite figured out what a Bitmoji is (until now!) and I love seeing how your community responds to it!

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