About Sahar @MyMathscape

Once upon a time I told myself, I could never teach middle schoolers. One student teaching experience later, I realized that is where my heart belongs. So ever since then, I’ve been teaching 6th grade mathematics in a the Bronx, NY at a fairly new and small middle school (2013 was both of our first years!). So needless to say, my colleagues and I are still figuring  a lot of things out (like standards based grading, cross content literacy INCLUDING in math, etc.) and thanks to my amazing co-workers and #mtbos it’s been a lot easier. Oh, I love photography! My tumblr blog, “My Lenscape” has some of my favorite pictures I have taken. Though I am way overdue in updating them.

School Profile

I teach in the South Bronx at a Title 1 school. Many of our students come to us 2-3 behind in reading and/or math. At least a third of our students are ELLs (English Language Learners), former ELLs and/or students with IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and receive additional services. As a result, many of our classrooms are co-taught by a content and SPed teacher.

I work at a school that values collaboration so I get to work, plan, talk, and constantly meet with my colleagues. That also extends to the community and are a part of the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project, a national organization that aims to create a bridge between families and schools through a home visit. So I meet and communicate with parents a lot.


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