#MTBoS Week 10…(or is it Week 1) Challenge


A bit late to start, but on to my Sunday Summary.

3 things I did on my break.

  1. I cleaned my room! By the end of the week my room is a disaster zone and by Sunday morning it looks (mostly flawless). Then entropy takes course.  I’m challenging myself to clean my place in 30 days inspired by an article on apartment therapy.  I’m adjusting the list as it goes but setting a timer has been helpful.

    “No one said you had to do everything at once and even when time seems short, if you can manage one task a day, things should start to work themselves out.” ~

  2. I SLEPT FOR ~14 HOURS on Friday night! I came home from work and within two hours I was knocked out and didn’t wake up until about 10 AM the next morning.
  3. I went online shoe shopping: In preparation for another polar vortex in NYC, I bought myself a pair of snow and every day fall boots.  I decided to go for “Muck” snow boots after being disappointed at the Totes brand last year and then a pair of Tim’s after being disappointed at the quality of my Steve Maddens.  I refuse to have another winter of wet socks.

    "Artic Muck Boots"
    “Arctic Muck Boots”

2 goals for this week.

photo (2)
Must. Grade. You. All. (Uhh..yes, I sleep on a pillow pet #noshame)
photo (3)
Operation: Grade. You. ALL.
  1. Complete grading according to weekly plan. Next week is the last week of the 1st marking period. I have a huge pile of grading (or in some cases entering into our online system) to do which I want to complete before heading out to the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project Conference on Thursday.
  2. Blog and reflect about the PTHV Project and conference by Sunday.  This is the first year I am involved with it and I am so excited to be a part of it–but I have yet to reflect on it. I’m hoping this week gives me some new insights, but also time to reflect on what I and my school has done already.

1 thing I’ve missed lately.  

  • Spending time with my friends would make the top of the list.  One of my personal goals was to go out with my friends at least once a week and while I was able to maintain it in September, October has been a major #fail.  But I hope the rest of October doesn’t disappoint.