Ms. K and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Week

This week has been Terrible, Horrible, and No Good on so many levels. 

Final grades were due on Tuesday, so despite having a Monday off I spent all of Monday grading the things I haven’t gotten to and so my week started out with a lack of sleep.  I’ve had students act up and then had to have many one on one conversations with students and then follow up with parents regarding those behaviors.  My lessons were epic fails on the distributive property.  Even after spending three days on that, I feel like I don’t have a sense of what my students have actually learned so it feels like a wasted three days of teaching.  We have parent teacher conferences coming up next week and they are student led conferences, so preparing students has been another layer of stress.  Chancellor, mayor, and superintendent  are coming to our school next week for a ribbon cutting so preparing our school for that has been cray-cray as well.

What I will do to counteract “The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Feelings”:

So I have already vented my feelings to people that I trust and those that give me some great advice after I have vented to them. I have also reflected on the math lesson with my co-worker and math coach and I’ll be discussing some next steps with my co-worker tomorrow.  But here’s what I am doing/will do to counteract the general terrible, horrible, no good feelings I am having.

(1) Consider my highs of the week:

    • Student hugs are pretty awesome, especially when given to you randomly.
    • During a coverage for gym, I was able to see other sides of my students and I even sat down with a few and just spoke to them.
    • After school, I had to give something to a student. I walked into the gym and it just so happened it was the dance program and some of my students were dancing. It was nice to see them in a festive mood.
    • A few of my Muslim students have asked me to pull them out during lunch and their elective periods after school so they can pray. I feel happy to see that they feel comfortable with their beliefs and who they are at such a young age.
    • I had a positive conversation with one of my student about her behavior and we’ve set some goals for her for next week.
    • One of my students who I have been having such a difficult time with has finally turned it around. The boy who was once my main annoyance and disturbance in class is now the one that is the first to be prepared and silent when asked. He is also trying really hard in math class and asking for help.
    • I had dinner with a few friends in the middle of the week. On a work night. I socialized. Outside of work. With people I don’t work with (Granted they are all teachers, but still).

(2) Netflix and TV binge

(3) Take some pictures

(4) Go through my albums and pick a few of my photographs to get them printed