Ramadan Lenscape: Shapes 

It’s been a while since I’ve shared, but end of school year craze is in full swing! Continuing my Ramadan snapshot..

Savory and very fried. Yum.

Samosas are a clear indication of Ramadan in my house hold. I don’t think I eat them much outside of Ramadan. Samosas can be meat or vege-filled in spring roll sheets which are squares (so yay more shapes).

While samosas are something my family eats most often in Ramadan and it’s great and delicious and all…there’s something special about being together for Iftar (breaking the fast meal) with my family and eating this kind of traditional food that is prepared in Ramadan. For starters, it’s a meal with most of my immediate family for a month. That is rare in my family…even growing up. We just have never been a “sit together at the table for meals” kind of family. To this day we’ve never even have had a dining table!!! We either eat sitting on the floor or at the coffee table in the living room. My dad worked/works inconsistent hours of the night so he was never home at the same time. The siblings and I had extra curricular commitments that never allowed all of us to be home at the same time for dinner. Our door was constantly revolving with people going in and out, so whoever happened to be home just ate their meal with whoever happened to be home or alone if our timings didn’t coincide. And that continues to this day…except in Ramadan. So unless any of us have an invitation to a friends house for Iftar, my entire family breaks out fast together (most often than not). That’s pretty sweet…a few more nights to go before the door starts revolving again.