Post 8: My Support Network as told by a Doodle

I’ve always doodled a bit when taking notes, but was really excited when I saw sketch/doodle notes during #nctmannual from Jill Gough.

I’ve been using the resources at BrainDoodles to get me started.

My support network


Stepping into the Twitter World

A few years back I was very much into the twitter world with a personal account, but then I didn’t have much use for it. Now, I’m back exploring it as Mission #2 of the Exploring MTBoS.  

It’s definitely still overwhelming and fast paced–something that made me leave that world before, but I’m learning to organize and lurk/read/share without losing my sanity .

  • By far the one thing that I am looking forward to are the weekly MSmathchats that happen every Monday at 9 PM. (It was pretty sweet that #msmathchat trended that night as well!) Transcript can be found here. My circle of teacher friends consists of high school teachers and their experiences are vastly different than my day-to-day. Not that I don’t learn or benefit, but it is different. So I’m really looking forward to finding a community that is full of middle school teachers.

Twitter has also opened the windows to many blog posts and bloggers that have quickly been starred, bookmarked, or followed:

I think I'm discovering teacher treasure.
I think I’m discovering teacher treasure.

The hashtags are pretty darn awesome.  #MTBoS is exploding and I’ve found many goodies there. Also treasures have been found in #msmath and #msmathchat, especially around fractions.  

And most importantly there are really awesome tweeples (tweeps? tweeties?) out there! 

So I’m looking forward to my stay in the virtual MTBoS!